National Knife Day is here once again and whether you're just starting your knife collection or filling the void on a missing cornerstone, we have the blade for you. If you're new to the knife world, allow us to walk you through some of our favorites and talk about how each knife will serve you best so you can pick the right one for your everyday needs.


Fixed blades are the work horses of the knife world. With no points of failure and rugged durability for whatever the day may bring, if you need serious cutting power that you’ll use all day that will never let you down then a fixed blade is a great fit for you. We’re featuring some of our toughest survival knives for National Knife Day, but if you’re interested in a knife designed specifically for personal protection make sure to check out the Extreme Ops Karambit.


Folding knives are far and away the most common carry in the knife world. Easily portable and usually equipped with clips that easily fit on pockets and belts, if you're looking for a knife you can carry with you it's hard to go wrong with a folding knife. With lots of different blade types, you can pick the blade that’s right for you. Whether you prefer the unmatched durability of a tanto, the versatility of a drop point, or the puncturing power of a stiletto, you’ll find what you’re looking for at a great price here. Most of our folders are liner locks, but if you’re looking for a different action make sure to check out the new Freelancer.


When action is everything and rapid deploy is what you value most in a knife, then it’s tough to go wrong with the OTF. Our OTFs feature durable spear-point blades that are ideal for puncturing and lots of blade on either edge for all your cutting needs. OTFs are great addition to any EDC for those that value availability in a moments notice. If you’re looking to spice up your OTF, check out the partially serrated or tanto points below.

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