We leave carrying to the professionals here at Smith & Wesson. These women do not mess around when it comes to their pick of knives. From tearing through packages to cutting rope, these knives are the cream of the crop when it comes to functionality and durability. Check out below what our ladies chose as their EDC knives.

Smith & Wesson Black Ops
"This is my EDC, I use it for everything

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About Alex
confident, passionate, steadfast
Alex is a Marketing Coordinator here at Smith & Wesson. She also does a lot of work with Crimson Trace and while she's an expert on lasers and great with a pistol, she's no slouch when it comes to knives. She regularly carries and values gear that performs up to her high standards while meeting the bar of her particular aesthetic tastes. Alex looks for a do-it-all knife that she can rely on for any situation that's dependable and looks great in action.
In Her Own Words
"I like the action on the knife, it's easy and opens quickly. I like having a knife I can open without having to think about it. It also has a locking mechanism that I like so when I put it in my pocket I don't have to worry about it. It’s so easy to open and close I can do it one-handed with your finger or thumb. I also like the pocket clip. This is my EDC knife and I use it for anything that comes up all day every day. The grip on it is great, it’s easy to hold and the handle has an indentation for our index finger which is really comfortable to use."

M&P Folder
"It's a really smooth open

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About Nichole
crafty, thoughtful, witty
Nichole is a Digital Marketing Specialist. Although Nichole is new to the knife world, she's not a novice in the outdoor realm. With over a decade of experience in shooting sports, Nichole competed at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championship four times. She now helps youth get involved as a certified 4-H Muzzleloader, Pistol, and Western Heritage instructor. When she’s not at the range, Nichole enjoys fishing, quilting, and spending time with her goldendoodle, Caliber.
In Her Own Words
I like this knife because it’s slender and has a few color options. It's a really smooth open, and you can release it without it snapping. The size feels great in my hand; big enough that I can get some work done without it being clumsy. It fits really well in my palm and feels like an extension of my hand, I really like how natural it is to use."

The Velocite
"My everyday knife

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About Ronelle
adventurous, outgoing, pragmatic
Ronelle is the Brand Manager for Smith & Wesson accessories and Lockdown overseeing everything from brand direction to product development. She is instrumental in bringing Performance Center knives back to the USA having them soon to be American made. Her knowledge of the tactical scene is second to none, having worked at Crimson Trace before her role here. She’s a competitive shooter, outdoor enthusiast, and a fearless leader in the industry.
In Her Own Words
"The Velocite is my everyday knife. The high-quality steel and drop point blade withstands everything from opening boxes to being a screwdriver. The textured handle makes it easy to hold onto while still being a lightweight polymer. Assisted opening means quick response when needed, which is usually as a tool, but I carry it for defense as well. It's always with me."