These creative women use their knives for more than at the range. Specialized for home use by our artistically gifted shooters, these knives are great for everything from trimming yarn to precise cut-outs on cardboard. The artisan women of Smith & Wesson will give you an inside look at their favorite knives and what makes them special. Read below to see what Emily and Heather have to say about their go-to knives.

"The Alligator"
"I really like the blade shape

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About Emily
charismatic, creative, protective
Emily is a Graphic Designer for Smith & Wesson and Lockdown. You’ll see her work on everything from packaging to graphic design across those websites. Emily is a proud mom and brings her keen eye for design to the table which helps craft the aesthetics of our brands and give us invaluable insight into creating a unique look and feel we’re all proud to call our own.
In Her Own Words
"This knife is more about style to me than anything else. It reminds me of an alligator which is my nickname for it. It has a really cool style that really draws me in and makes me want to pick it up. I didn’t think I’d use the jimping on the back of the blade but the more I handle the knife, the more my thumb naturally winds up there. I also think the blade shape itself looks really cool. The assisted opening action is really smooth and quick to open which is an important feature for me. My favorite feature on the knife is the locking mechanism that keeps the blade from deploying, I like the added safety features since I’m one of those paranoid moms. The size of the handle itself fits really well into my hand, it’s a medium-sized knife which is perfect for me."

The Benji
"It's a great fit for my hand

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About Heather
analytical, driven, honest
Heather is the Digital Retention Specialist for Smith & Wesson. She’s been in the outdoor world for most of her life. Before coming to Smith & Wesson, Heather was a US Olympic Archery Alternate competing at world-class level. While she knows a bow like the back of her hand (and has helped more than a few of her coworkers clean up their draw), she’s in tune with the knife world and uses her knowledge to feature our knives in many of our marketing initiatives.
In Her Own Words
"What I love most about this knife is that it’s small enough to fit into any pant pocket I have. Women’s pockets tend to be criminally small and I like having one I know can fit them all. If I don’t have pockets, I love that it comes with a belt clip and lanyard hole so that I can either clip it on or attach it to my keys. The tanto blade, while very durable, remains cute with the length and design of the grip. The G-10 has a great texture to it and gives the Benji a sleek design. When you’re working on a bow, whether it’s for string making, refletching, or retying nock points, you will always need a blade handy. Since this one is smaller and fits nicely in a quiver, I can have it ready for any situation that requires me to make a quick fix. I also have smaller hands, so when I need a knife to open quickly and easily, this is my go-to."

Any of these knives catch your eye?
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