The women of Smith & Wesson are badasses on and off the range. Our competitive shooters come from all walks of life; they shoot recreationally because they enjoy the sport, they shoot competitively to hone in their personal defense skills, and they shoot to strive for accuracy so they never miss on the hunt. For the tactical and 3-gunner, we expect our gear to be reliable and dependable. We sat down with two competitive shooters who recommended their EDC of choice. These EDC knives are perfect to use at the range, around the house or on the job site.

M&P M2.0 Ultra Glide
"Stands up to everything I put it through

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About Kelsey
determined, practical, self-reliant
Kelsey is our Digital Marketing Manager. She wrote the book on knives and can recite it from memory. She's the resource everyone on our team turns to for all things cutlery. Kelsey is a lifelong hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman with a trained eye for all. She’s a competition 3-Gun shooter and wields a shotgun with surgical precision. If it happens in the outdoor space, Kelsey is familiar with if not an expert at it.
In Her Own Words
"This is my go-to knife. It has a slightly overmolded handle and a great feel to the grip. It’s well-sized for my hand. I don’t like smaller knives because I use them for a lot of functional work and I want more control on where the blade takes the cut. That’s also the reason I like the drop point blade on the knife, because it gives me plenty of surface to slice with. Drop points are also easier to sharpen and put an edge back on. I can use this knife for everything from cutting boxes, to whittling, to self-defense. It’s always ready to go. The ultra glide technology is my favorite function of S&W knives, and all of my favorite knives use it. The ball-bearing system is unbeatable when it comes to assisted opening technology. I also like the small pocket clip so I can control how deep it sits in my pocket. I don’t have to worry about it falling out. This knife is also about the same width as a pistol magazine so I can open up a pouch and drop it right in. I’m big on everything having its own space so I like knowing exactly where it is and that it’s not bouncing around when I get back to it."

The Sideburn
"It's sleek, smooth, and a great knife

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About Taryn
calm, empathic, loyal
Taryn is a Marketing Coordinator for Smith & Wesson and dominates the range. Shooting is an integral part of her life, so much so that her pets are named after her favorite rifles. She's a competitive 3-gun shooter, an NRA certified rifle and shotgun instructor, a hunter, and owns a wide collection of firearms that she loves to clean. Her shooting has a zen focus and a perfectly balanced approach, which translates over to her knife of choice. Taryn brings an aura of calm to any situation she walks into and has a unique harmony with the world around her. Though she’s soft-spoken around the office, she lets her marksmanship do the talking for her at the range.
In Her Own Words
"I love this knife because it’s aesthetically pleasing, it reminds me of a barbershop. It has a modern, sleek design and is easy to open and close. The ultra glide opening mechanism gives it a quick and crisp snap. It fits ergonomically well into my hand and the size of the knife doesn’t feel too big. I feel like it’s something I can pick up and quickly open so it’s ready to go. It’s my all-around go-to EDC for everything from opening ammo boxes to cutting string. It’s sleek, smooth, and a great knife."