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M&P Palmswell Grip Inserts: What they are, and how to use them

If you have decided that you are in the market for a polymer handgun then the M&P series of firearms by Smith & Wesson should be at the top of your list.  M&P handguns have been on the market since 2006 and come with a lot of award winning features. One of the most important features is the ability to quickly customize the grip to each shooter.

The M&P series of handguns are the only firearms on the market that come with the M&P Palmswell grip inserts.  The M&P Palmswell Grip Inserts are unique in that they change the entire shape of the firearm grip, both back and sides.  Most other firearms only have inserts that change the back.  In this post, we’ll explain how to get the most out of this great feature. 

Why do I need to change the grip?

A good solid grip will allow the shooter to be more accurate and to shoot more comfortably.  When the gun fits neatly in your hand, you are less likely to have to regrip during recoil and the energy is transferred more efficiently when you have 100% contact with the firearm.  For shotgun shooters it is very similar to having your buttstock fit comfortably into your shoulder.

When choosing a palmswell insert that fits you best, it’s all about ergonomics and proper trigger finger placement.  Palmswell inserts were designed to fill the palm of the hand and encourage proper finger placement on the trigger, promoting a proper shooting technique. By extending the back and the side of the grip, it allows for consistent finger placement on the trigger. If the distance between the frame and the trigger finger is too far, you will usually end up putting too much of your finger on the trigger. This will cause accuracy issues, with the bullet usually striking low left or low right of the point of aim.  

Having multiple size palmswell inserts, as offered in the M&P line, is the ability to fit the firearm to allow it to work with almost any shooters hand size and grip technique.  By being able to fit the grip to your hand it allows for consistent finger placement which translates to more accurate shooting.

Most people will start out by choosing the palmswell insert that feels the most comfortable when gripping the firearm  Once you find the size that feels best to you, be sure to take your M&P to the range and try it out – you may find that you shoot differently with various size palmswell inserts.  Sometimes, the Small or Medium palmswell insert will feel the most comfortable, but you may shoot best with the Medium-Large or Large. Choose the one that works best for you!



Q: So…I have an original M&P, but like the texture of the M2.0.  Can I use M2.0 palmswell inserts in my original M&P pistol?

A: YES! Palmswells for the original M&P and the M&P M2.0 are interchangeable. You will, however, also have to purchase a new M2.0 frame tool to use them on your original M&P.


Q: I have an M2.0 with a black finish.  Can I use a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) palmswell in my pistol?

A: Absolutely. The original M&P Full Size and the M2.0 Full Size palmswell inserts in all colors and finishes work with each other – just remember to use the same frame tool as the version of the palmswell insert.