Flashlight Protection

If you’re like us, the flashlight on your smartphone is on AT LEAST once a day.  Let’s be honest: we use our smartphone flashlight for just about everything. But what if we told you that carrying a good old-fashioned compact flashlight will not only help you with day-to-day tasks, but also keep you out of harm’s way?

Flashlights are an important part of an everyday carry kit, proving useful in both day-to-day and self-defense situations. Flashlights emit a bright light, helping to both illuminate potential threats and to let others know where you are. With a variety of different uses, flashlights are a critical tool for maintaining appropriate situational awareness in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Not only do flashlights provide light when you need it most, but tactical flashlights are excellent tools for self-defense. Many tactical and defense flashlights come with a crenulated head for the sole purpose of striking in self-defense.  If you’re in a situation that prevents you from carrying a firearm or the situation requires a less-lethal self-defense tool, a flashlight can be a critical addition to your everyday carry kit.

If you find yourself in a low-light environment with a potential threat nearby, it’s best to use your flashlight sparingly to prevent giving away your location. When moving to assess (and react, if necessary) to the threat, it’s best to turn your light on, quickly scan your surroundings, then turn your light off and continue moving. By turning off your light while moving, it decreases the chances of an attacker being able to pinpoint your exact location and escape or surprise your target.

The best part about carrying a flashlight? It’s legal to carry in EVERY state. No permit or license is necessary to carry and all places and buildings allow them. Stun gun flashlights fall into a different category, so be sure to check your local laws concerning the use of such devices that offer protection beyond that of just a standard flashlights.

If you are still uncertain if you should carry a flashlight with you, carry one around for a week, and we’re sure you’ll be shocked by how often you find yourself using it.

Our best self-defense flashlights:
Smith & Wesson Tactical LED Penlight - this tactical penlight poses as a pen but functions as a light-weight self-defense tool that can be carried in your pocket, backpack or in your car. It has an LED light and its sharp, pointed tip is designed for glass breaking and DNA retention.

Smith & Wesson Delta Force CS-20 - the Smith & Wesson® Delta Force® CS-20 LED Flashlight is both functional and highly durable in any situation. It’s 3.5 inches long and weighs only 2.54 ounces. This flashlight illuminates up to 215 lumens in its pocket-sized design. The dual function spring steel clip allows for clipping to the pocket, belt or the bill of a hat. This flashlight also features a crenulated head for self-defense.

Smith & Wesson Delta Force PL - 10 - our Smith & Wesson Delta Force PL-10 functions as a pen and a self-defense tool. It has an LED twist ON/OFF light, a self-defense tip for DNA retention and a spring steel clip for clipping to the pocket. Its spring steel clip and pocket-size design also makes it easy to clip to your pocket or store inside your bag or car.

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The Smith & Wesson Crew